Madcap adventure or selling my soul?

I hit a new low today at Mega Corporate Behemoth.

I read a book.

I know. I’m kind of ashamed. But also kind of … delighted. I’m so naughty, reading a book about creativity while bored at my job that’s supposedly being a creative writer!

It was a nice balance to the all-hands meeting I attended this afternoon. I was curious to see if Mega Corporate Behemoth serves up the same flavor of bullshit as my old stomping grounds, Corporate Behemoth.

I am here to tell you: Never fear! Corporate crap is universal! Kind of like a universal remote – once you learn it, you can apply it everywhere! Mention “core competencies” and you can immediately pass as one of them!

At Mega Corporate Behemoth, all of the leaders in the meeting were men. White men. White men wearing golf shirts, slacks, and driving moccasins. And extra credit goes to the VP who managed to nonchalantly mention how he and the CEO have been working on X concept forever – since they worked together at some other company. The guy might as well have worn a sandwich board that screamed, “I am in the CEO’s inner circle! Align with meeeee!”

I am coming to realize that I have a super-duper shitty-ass attitude about work – or my lack thereof. It’s like I have PTSD from my experiences at Corporate Behemoth, and my angst is now easily transferable to my new employer. Kind of like being pissed off at your boyfriend over something your ex-boyfriend did.

Or … maybe you’re dating 2 assholes in a row.

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