Where my mind goes while my body’s on the treadmill.

I made a fantastic discovery today.

If you go to the gym at 10, you can watch “The Price Is Right” while you do your time on the treadmill. I freakin’ love that show. Now, granted, it’s not the same since your favorite octogenarian and mine, Bob Barker, retired. But Drew Carey does a serviceable job, and I appreciate how the audience is now encouraged to wear crazy shirts and camp it up. Because any show with a plot dependent upon the price of Dinty Moore Beef Stew is a campy show.

The 1 downside to watching “The Price Is Right” at the gym is that the treadmills face the window, right by the street. And so I’m pretty sure that people driving by saw me make some pretty interesting faces … because you have to be dead inside not to get excited for the 20-year-old guy whose life was just changed by winning a truck. And don’t even get me started about the grandma who guessed the price of the next item up for bid exactly, and so won $500 in cash.

The show just makes me happy. So, to all you people who drove by the gym and saw that crazy treadmill lady with a mug like she’d broken the hinges on her jaw? You’re welcome.

“The Price Is Right” also made me consider a different career path. My current state of unemployment has caused random thoughts to pop into my head of the “Maybe I could do that” variety. Dog walker, grocery bagger, nanny and street-sweeper driver are all on this list. And today? I’ve gotta add spokesmodel.

Now, I’m not naive enough to believe I’ve got what it takes to be 1 of Carey’s Cuties. I mean, I know I can’t stand around in 5-inch heels and still smile. But maybe I could be a spokesmodel in more sensible shoes – like, at 1 of your lesser car shows. Or perhaps on QVC. I am confident in my ability to model polyester slacks and those matching blouses with the elastic band at the waist. Koret, I am even willing to sign an exclusive contract. Call me!

What seemingly outlandish job do you think would be a perfect fit for you?

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