How we’re paying for our new HVAC system.

Last week, between heat-induced crazy dreams, I had an epiphany.

Actually, “epiphany” is too strong a word. How about “acknowledgement of something super obvious?”

I had this, erm, acknowledgement at about 2:15 in the morning as I laid drenched in sweat in our sweltering, broken-HVAC-having house. The acknowledgement was that I damned well better get – and accept – the job for which I was interviewing in a few hours.

I did and I did. And so, I will go back to the corporate grind on October 1.

I have mixed feelings about this.

Superficially, it makes that giant check we just wrote to the HVAC folks hurt a little less. It’s a lot easier to do stuff like, oh, replace your entire HVAC system when you aren’t going to be living off of 1 income soon.

Big picture?

Well …

I liked the manager, and he offered me the job on the spot – breaking the rules of the contractor (me) / contracting company (my new pimp) / end manager (this new boss guy) etiquette. The work sounds interesting. And it’s a 6-month contract, so if it’s really horrid, I can bail. And really? It could be working with a pack of rabid hyenas and still be better than my last contract.

It does, however, somewhat inhibit my dream of being a housewife, stay-at-home lady who lunches, or whatever you want to call it.

We have new neighbors, and during our initial meet-and-greet in the the driveway, the woman of the couple sheepishly admitted that she currently stays home … and they have no kids.

I was all, “Me too! And I love it!” Because there’s something embarrassing about not really wanting to work, to be rather jazzed about getting yourself and your household in order. A generation ago, it would be normal. Now? Not so much. You better have an excuse for your lazy-bum ways.

I feel like I’m still detoxing from my burnout at Corporate Behemoth, and my emotionally scarring stint at Mega Corporate Behemoth. But I was surprised that I felt energized after my interview – it was refreshing to use that part of my brain again. And that gives me hope.

I haven’t quite figured out the part of my brain that’s itching to start something creative and bold.

For now, My Guy and I are on vacation, at the beach. It’s been a full day of sitting by the pool and walking along the water. We just returned from lounging in a hammock and debating the finer (and not-so-fine) points about Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video. Obviously, the days are just packed.

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