This is what winning looks like.

I’m traveling for my new job at Globotron. This means I’m so entirely out of my hermitting-it-up-at-home element.

I’m in North Carolina for training. So far, I’ve seen the Chapel Hill campus (lovely!) and eaten some jambalaya (yum!). This almost makes up for the fact that I’m in 4 days of training in a nondescript hotel conference room … training run by a guy who looks like John Malkovich sporting John List glasses and another guy who looks like he could very well have had a renaissance-themed wedding. I spent some time today trying to imagine his various wedding costume options. Is it possible to make chain mail out of pop-tops? Because that’s what I settled on.

I realized this morning that I should never travel without my tweezers. Evidently, no mirror in my home has adequate lighting. Whenever I’m away from home, I immediately notice rouge brows. And yet, I have no means of addressing the situation. So, I sit in a nondescript hotel conference room, thinking about John List, John Malkovich, ren faires and my yeti-like brows.

Oh, and I think about the training, too. Sure. Yeah.

How are your weeks starting off?

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