Welcome to November!

November is National Blog Posting Month. For some crazyass reason, I signed up to post every single day for the month. Just a warning to all of my three readers: I might resort to posting grocery lists. I just want you to be emotionally prepared that the pickins may be slim at times.

But mostly, I’m excited about the challenge – especially since it hits at a super busy time at work. I started this blog as part of my Get a Life challenge, and if I can write for myself in the midst of work insanity, it will be further proof that I have, indeed, managed to patch together – and hold on to – a life outside of work.

So. We shall see.

Hopefully, I will be able to blog from prison, as I may be incarcerated for hurting a handful of radio executives. Because it’s November 1, and not one, but TWO radio stations in town have started playing non-stop Christmas music.

Christmas. The sale Halloween candy isn’t even down to the crappy stuff nobody likes yet and you’re stuffing Christmas music down our throats? Are you kidding?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love all kinds of music. And I love Christmas music. But I love it at Christmastime. Not the day after Halloween.

I love me some Perry Como and even The Chipmunks, because that’s what we listened to when I was growing up. Johnny Mathis’ Christmas album? I could probably sing it all, side A to the end of side B. Andy Williams? John Denver and the Muppets? Hell yeah.

However, I have a problem with the Christmas radio stations passing off shitty music by every random idiot with a recording contract as classic holiday fare. Happy holidays do not include anyone remotely associated with American Idol.

I have, however, found one album of, umm, “non-traditional” holiday tuneage that might be welcomed into the fold. Monster Ballads Christmas features such goodies as Nelson singing “Jingle Bell Rock” and Lita Ford teaming up with Twisted Sister for “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” And really, who doesn’t love a train wreck in a jewel case?

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