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So, it’s been a week and I’m still sad about Robert Goulet’s passing. I had not one but two friends contact me to ask if I was ok. No, no sir. No I am not. But I still love how good ol’ Bob was always in on the joke. We should all be so lucky and humble.

I must admit that my love of Dog the Bounty Hunter isn’t affected by the release of a private phone conversation his son sold to The Enquirer. Methinks people talk differently in the privacy of their own families and that people make mistakes. But mostly, methinks sonny won’t be invited to Christmas at Dog’s house. Aloha, bra.

Finally, I just experienced a dramatic surge of hormones.


Bon Jovi tickets go on sale this Saturday.

My inner eighth-grade girl is absolutely sick with anticipation. I just walked down the hall at Corporate Behemoth to get some tea, and en route to the break room I actually caught myself thinking, “OMG! What will I wear to the concert?”

Seriously. I am So. Excited.

In my mind, it will be 1988. Only I won’t have glasses and braces. And my hair will be permed, but not the nightmare perm I sported. No, I will sport Dream Perm, with bangs that are big but not too big. And my dreamy, mulleted boyfriend will pick me up in his Camaro. He’ll lift me up on his shoulders during the show, so Bon Jovi himself can see my Dream Perm, concert t-shirt and stone-washed jeans. And I’ll probably end up being in a Bon Jovi concert video, which I will surely list on my resume until I retire.

As an eighth-grade girl, that’s what I imagined teenaged nirvana to be like. As a 32-year-old woman, I’m embarrassed to say that it still doesn’t sound half bad.

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