All dressed up.

Ok, all dressed, anyway.

After two days of laying about in my pale green pajamas, I’m going to get dressed and leave my house. It’s been approximately 45 minutes since I last hacked something nasty into a kleenex and tried to pretend that I was being ladylike about it.

I’m going to meet Mr. Wonderful and his daughter for dinner. It’s our six-month anniversary. And I’m just immature enough to celebrate things like six-month dating anniversaries.

For our four-month dating anniversary, I made a cake with canned frosting that was so sweet that neither one of us could eat an entire slice. It was a disgusting way to show my appreciation.

I think that hacking up all over myself and my pockets full of tissue in a public place will also qualify as a disgusting way to show my appreciation. At least I’m consistent?

Really, at least I’m clothed. Trust me – the green pajamas? Starting to get a bit ripe.

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