It seems my recent run of crazy dog lady posts has finally propelled Google Ads to stop running ads about ski resorts on my blog.

Thank god. No, I don’t want to find cheap condos in Vail. In fact, I never want to even think about skiing ever again. Google, didn’t you read my post about praying for death on the ski slope?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

So, now, I have crazy dog lady ads. Dog sweaters. Dog retreats. I’m waiting for dog assisted living facilities, to really tie in to my current experiences with Geriatric Poodle. But aren’t all homes assisted living facilities where dogs are concerned?

Anyway. I imagine I will make exactly zero dollars on my little Google Ads venture, but I keep it on my sidebar simply for the entertainment value. Sometimes, no one reads my blog – including Google – and I get some hilarious ads. A few favorites:

Boys Wearing Dresses
Women Wearing Thongs
Desiring Lord appearing?
Tips for Fixing Hair Loss
Your pretty Mexican bride

No, I’m not making any of those up. These are all bona fide Google Ads that have appeared on my sidebar.

I am not a boy and I am not into boys wearing dresses. However, I know some people enjoy that, and I respect their preferences.

I also know a lot of women wear thongs. I am not one of those women. Again, I respect their preferences.

I don’t know who this Desiring Lord is or where he’s appearing, but I’m sure he’s very friendly.

I don’t need to fix hair loss, as my head has approximately 794 hair follicles per square centimeter of scalp. But thanks.

And as for my pretty Mexican bride … umm … wouldn’t that technically be my pretty Mexican domestic partner?

Not hatin’ – just sayin’. Peace out, Google.

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