Back away from the remote.

You know how sometimes you have to gorge yourself before you start a diet?

Mmm, yeah.

I have watched approximately 937 hours of TV this week. I blame Alice and her “You really need a new TV” intervention. Because the flat-screen teevee? I can actually see the picture, unlike my old, hand-me-down TV. And unlike that old beaute, the new flat-screen doesn’t remind me of when my sweet grandpa would hug us extra tight to make his hearing aid buzz.

Ohmygosh, I miss my grandpa.

And I am not missing my flat-screen, or my couch. Because ohmygosh? We have had waaaaaay too much quality time as of late. Like, I should be embarrassed. And I should probably weigh enough to be featured on some sort of Discovery Channel show.

I don’t have any plans this weekend, which is sort of odd and sort of fantastic. It’s a little unnerving, actually – between work and Mr. Wonderful, every evening and weekend used to be booked. And now I have more free time and less stuff to fill it.

I’ve actually offered to babysit or wrap gifts for my friends. I feel like I need to be useful, and I know I’m pretty much the only woman with time on her hands right now. And it’s time that makes me border on lonely.

And strangely, watching E! and Sex and the City reruns aren’t combating the loneliness. Who knew? I’m pretty sure my weekend isn’t going to involve a lot of couch time.

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