Rocks and love.

A new week, a new episode of Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels.

To recap: Bret appears to be falling hardest for the girl who is the meanest. Also, in a blinding display of Guyness, Bret faulted the contestants who clapped when he announced that three more girls would be joining the competition. He expected the contestants to be pissed, because they should be there just for him and want to fight for his love. It caused him to pout.

Let’s all take a moment to let the dry heaves pass.

Ok, so the three new girls were standing right there. And the current contestants had just gotten to know them. And to not welcome them would be downright rude.

You can be crazy about a man, but you still have to be yourself. And that means being gracious. As my mama says, “You are a lady of grace and dignity and you shall conduct yourself as such.”

So, go fuck yourself, Bret.

I have a bigger rock issue and I need some assistance.

Between two ex-boyfriends, I have two pairs of diamond earrings, a diamond necklace and a very good created sapphire tennis bracelet.

All of this bling was put away after the demise of the relationships from which it originated. And now? Now, it seems insane to have some really nice jewelry that I never wear.

I asked a friend who works for a jeweler about my options. Basically, I can pawn the bling or try to put it on consignment. I either way, I won’t make enough money off of it to translate into new, nice jewelry.

So, I’m thinking I need to find a way to rid this bling of its bad juju. Some sort of mindful and meaningful little ceremony that’s all about me and moving forward. A little celebration about being rid of the past and grateful for my many blessings. And Valentine’s Day is a perfect time for it, because who doesn’t enjoy a little bling on Valentine’s Day?

Any ideas?

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