Don’t mind me.

About 99.97% of the photos featuring Foxie Doxie feature not a dog, but a brown, possibly furry blur.
Foxie? Not a sedentary sort of dog.
This used to really annoy me – mostly because I felt like I totally had favorites. I had a gazillion photos of the Geriatric Poodle and maybe 2 of Foxie Doxie.
But now that I have joined the modern world and own a digital camera, my photographic outlook has changed. Because of the sheer volume of photos that I take of Foxie and Lil’ Frankfurter, I think some of the blurry ones are just marvelous.
Now, this is real hot dog action.
Lil’ Frank has the ball … he’s at the 40! He’s at the 30! Twenty! Ten …
Sometimes? I’m too slow and I miss all the action. I have a lot of photos of the floor or the yard.

But other times I end up with something like a graceful watercolor. I just love this photo, so in the tradition of overbearing mothers everywhere, I must implore you: Look at my baby!

Ok, I’m done now. Return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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