What’s the difference between buffalo and bison?

I’m in Iowa. It’s cold here. But Christmas was warm and bright.

Unless you are a doxie.

I sort of, umm, had a moment of weakness in the dollar aisle at Target. See, there were these costumes, right? And they were only $2.50 each! So, if I bought two, that was only $5! And what’s a mere $5 when it comes to spreading holiday happiness, love, joy, and general goodwill?

So, maybe the costumes didn’t fit precisely.
And maybe the kids looked more like bison than reindeer.
But I think the dachshund bison totally spread holiday cheer.

I think it was cold enough that they didn’t even mind wearing these get-ups all day long.
Or maybe they’re just playing it cool while they plot my untimely death.
Whatever. It was totally worth it.
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