Leather and lace.

Tonight, I’m showing my love by making My Guy meatloaf.


He’s been talking about it for weeks. I am dating A Dude. A Carnivorous Dude.

Have I mentioned lately that I only eat meat about once a week? And now I’m about to submerge my hands into raw ground turkey (sorry, can’t do the beef) to form it into a loaf-type configuration?

Still, it seems like an easy way out compared to all of the “Buy their love!” retail messages about Valentine’s Day. Truth be told, I don’t want flowers or chocolates or jewelry today. It would seem like something done out of obligation.

But meatloaf? That’s love, baby. Real love. And yes, I’m throwing in garlic mashed potatoes. Because that’s how I roll.

Since I can’t make all of you meatloaf, I will instead share this inspired video. My two boyfriends – Will Ferrell and Dave Grohl – together at last!

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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