Lovers forever, face to face.

I started out my day with an 8 a.m. dentist appointment. This dentist is within walking distance … of the apartment I lived in when I first moved to my fair city 11 years ago.

Now? It’s a bit of a haul. But I’m lazy and don’t want to find a new dentist. And I figure that it’s only twice a year anyway.

So I hauled ass to get there by 8 a.m. and was quite proud of myself when I pulled into the parking lot at 8:01. Brilliance, thy name is Cha Cha.

I walked into the dentist’s office. The receptionist recognized me immediately. “Susan! Good morning!”

Now, I was still sleepy, but I wasn’t that out of it. “Umm, no. I’m Cha Cha.”

“Ohhh,” said the receptionist. “Take a seat.”

A few minutes later, the hygienist came out. “Good morning, Susan. C’mon back.”

“Umm, I’m Cha Cha?”

“Oh, right. C’mon back.”

I was leery. But she had my chart and all the pertinent details were right. She even remembered that I’m freakishly sensitive to cold. I was doing OK until the soft rock hits radio station they were playing went right from Hall and Oates’ “She’s Gone” – again, brilliant! – to Don Henley and Stevie Nicks singing “Leather and Lace.”

And all I could think about was My Boyfriend Dave Grohl and Will Ferrell and their dynamic interpretation of this classic.

Have you ever tried to stifle a laugh while you’re getting your teeth cleaned?

Umm, yeah.

I wasn’t terribly successful, and the hygienist thought I was in pain with my cold sensitivity. “Oh, Susan, are you OK? Here – let’s rinse.”

And then the song was over and the dentist came in and asked me, “Susan, how are you doing?”

I just went with it and got the hell out of there, so that I could get to Corporate Behemoth at a decent time and cry at my desk.

Obviously? Susan’s had a very full day.

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