Social media tutorial.

My brilliant friend A. and I were having lunch yesterday, chatting about all things media and marketing. Because she is brilliant and works in marketing. And I pretend I know what I’m talking about.

The topic of social media came up. Evidently, she has a coworker who thinks you can just tell people not to tell other people that you’ve posted something on a social media site. And that’s an effective way to hide the thing that you posted … on a social media site.

Sounds a lot like our beagle who thought that when she hid her head under the couch that she was invisible.

And it made me think of – what else? – a little Facebook debacle.

Anybody remember my high school classmate Sandra? She’s the one who might have done time for embezzlement but didn’t want to pay $18 to attend our reunion.

Not judging. Just providing background.

Sandra posts on Facebook several times a day. She posts her horoscope and psychic reading and lover of the day and her thoughts on being denied visitation with her grandkids.

Grandkids. Plural.

Anyway. Sandra really outdid herself a few days ago. Her Facebook status read, “I’m so sick of people knowing all of my business!”

Umm? You do realize how this Facebook thing works, right?

But today? Today, she posted, “I’m a freak between the sheets!”

And that’s how you keep people from knowing all your business.

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