Who do you friend on Facebook? Or connect with on LinkedIn?

I find myself looking at the suggested connections in those apps and thinking, “Oh yeah, I totally know that person. But do they remember me? Will I look too needy if I friend them? I never post anything and my picture is, like, 3 years old. I should wait and get my social media shit together and then connect with all these people. You know, when I’m all together and have something interesting to say and might pretend to be fabulous. Like that guy I used to work with who is batshit crazy but whose photo is of himself mountain climbing. Surely I could come up with something remotely noteworthy like that.”

And then I don’t connect.

I’m not one to collect friends simply so I can say I have a lot of connections. But I also realize that the time to really think about this is not a Monday night when I worked until 7 and came home and immediately put on my pajamas and ate a gajillion peanut M&Ms because it had been That Kind of Day. And with that sort of, well, awesomeness, who would want to connect with me anyway? I’m not sharing the M&Ms.

But seriously. What’s your Facebook / LinkedIn modus operandi?

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