Cha Cha gets a life

I’m not much for new year’s resolutions. I sort of want to borrow Ellen DeGeneres’ resolution to not finish beauty school. My new year’s “date” didn’t kiss me at midnight and jumped out of the car before I even had it in park when I dropped him home. Cha Cha + New Years = No Love.

However, a storm’s been a-brewin’ for a while. I need a life.

Here’s the deal. I work all the damn time. Like, All. The. Time. For a very long time, this working all the time business was a very convenient crutch. I was starting my own business and had just endured the mother of all break-ups. Working was a pleasant and socially-acceptable excuse to never leave my apartment and to gracefully bow out of uncomfortable social situations. Cha Cha + Work = Love.

However, our relationship has soured.

After being self-employed for three years, I bit the bullet and heeded the siren’s call. I am now the mistress of Corporate Behemoth, and believe it or not, I took the gig with the hopes that instead of working 24/7, I would have time for more creative endeavors. Like leaving my house. Oh, and writing for myself.

So, a couple of months into my new love affair with Corporate Behemoth, I’m still out of sorts. I don’t know what this having a life business actually entails. But I have a good idea that there’s more to it than hanging out with my life partner, DVR. And the creative and social outlets?

Umm, does watching HGTV count? Probably not.

So, here goes. A-blogging I will go. And maybe if I get really brave, I’ll dip my toes into the world of online dating. And actually join that gym that all my friends go to … even tho the free childcare they rave about doesn’t do much for me. Can my dogs go?

So. Welcome. And please join me in what should be an adventure. Or incredibly boring. Whatever.

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