I like Monday.

When I was in eighth grade, my parents took me to see a tour of South Pacific, starring Robert Goulet. We waited by the stage door and my star-struck 13-year-old self got autographs from all of the actors.

And we waited.

Finally, his royal highness Robert Goulet appeared. A big group of women had waited for him to show up, and he signed autographs for each and every one.

I was intimidated, and I guess I mumbled when he asked my name so that he could personalize the autograph.

“Your name is DUCKIE?” he bellowed at me.

I wanted to die of embarrassment. I corrected him, and he gave me my autographed program. I was beet red, but I had been bellowed at by a legend. Ok.

I love Will Ferrell, but I must admit that his Goulet impressions leave me leary – be gentle with Goulet! If ever he would leave you, it wouldn’t be in summer, you know.

So, I’ve been loving the recent Emerald Nuts campaign featuring Goulet. The TV spots of Goulet going in and messing with people’s stuff during the 3 p.m. energy lull are a hoot. However, I came across their online presence, and OMG.

Emerald Nuts, I tip my hat to you. You’ve done it up right. Your creativity and fearlessness will surely be rewarded.

And my dear, sweet Goulet? My love for you grows greater every day. Good for you for being in on the joke and introducing a whole new audience to your awesomeness in the process.

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