Here. Try on my stinky socks.

So, Mr. eHarmony and I have been trying on families as of late. He met my parents a few weeks ago, and I met his yesterday. Everyone is lovely, and I think we each passed The Parental Test. At least he hasn’t called to tell me that his mother forbids him to see me ever again. I mean, he hasn’t called yet.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

He’s accompanying me on a trip to the homeland next week to score some furniture. It’s my grandparents’ bedroom suite, and considering that I haven’t had the luxury of a dresser for almost three years, I’m pretty much pumped. Think about the storage! I’m betting I’ll no longer keep my lifetime supply of Target t-shirts in a pile on my closet floor. I’m going to be rich!

The catch is that the furniture is in a storage unit that’s the center of a family, uh, scuffle. There’s an estate and there are warring factions and it’s rather embarrassing, considering that all those involved are supposedly adults.

So I’ve been trying to explain the situation to Mr. eHarmony, just as background. He jokingly called me white trash (yeah, and your point is?), but it got me to thinking. You always think it’s your family that’s normal, and everybody else’s is whack.

Introducing a new significant other (there, I said it) to the mix grants you just a touch of momentary objectivity. But mostly, I feel sheepish about introducing him into situation that’s flawed, even if it if rife with juicy gossip. It’s sort of like giving someone your gym clothes right after class and expecting them to politely ignore the stench and sweat.

Conversely, it’s your job to take the stinky clothes and say thanks, to pretend that everybody has an auntie who talks too much and a bipolar cousin. But the truth is, we all probably do. It’s part of what makes us interesting and human and alive.

I guess that’s part of the issue with a few of my family members: when you pretend that everything is perfect, the world sees right through your shit and calls you out. If you’re just honest, people feel comfortable and love you.

So, it’s that mindset that I’m attempting to hold on to as Mr. eHarmony steps into the family fire with me. See? It’s flawed! Isn’t it perfect?

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