Mmm … burrito …

Two weeks without posting? Don’t mind if I do!

See, I was gonna post, but a bunch of people died and then there was an accident and I was sick and we lost electricity and my computer crashed and the dog ate my homework.

Ok, not really.

And please, gods of karma, I’m joking. Like I’m always joking about being pregnant with a burrito after I visit Chipotle. Joking!

I didn’t post because … I have no good reason.

But I’ve been thinking about blogging, and that means something, right? I’ve been thinking about it so much that I dreamed that I visited Mrs. G. and stayed at her house. And I invited myself to a school pageant her son was in and everything.

Mrs. G.: I’m not pregnant with a burrito and I’m also not a stalker – I swear!

So, to get back on the wagon, I’m doing something I’ve been meaning to do for a while: updating ye olde blogroll. Visit these fabulous writers. I’m a crappy commenter, but I enjoy their writing on a daily basis.

bloggedy blog blog

I am bossy

Minnesota Matron

Surrender, Dorothy

Tales From Clark Street

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