Still on the wagon

National Blog Posting Month has presented a few challenges. Namely, Mr. Wonderful doesn’t have Internet access at his crib.

Yes, I was shacking up with him this weekend. No, I’m not a shameless hussy. Yes, I will mind if you tell my mother. No, she wouldn’t be shocked. But yes, I’d like to avoid the conversation altogether.

Mr. Wonderful has a sweet wireless card on his work laptop and therefore has no need for an Internet connection at his house. Yesterday, his work laptop was at his office. So, I drafted my blog post on my sad little laptop with no wireless card and set out in search of a little conductivity.

First up: Starbucks. One overpriced tall decaf house blend and I discover that no, their wireless doesn’t have a password … but it requires you to have a T Mobile account. Uh, next?

Then I drove to McDonald’s. In a move of stunning brilliance, I ask about the wireless before purchasing my second cup of coffee in 10 minutes. Mac Shack has wireless … but it’s five bucks. Seriously? Yes. The manager with the molester ‘stache suggests I try Panera.

So, third time’s a charm, right? I drive to Panera. And by this point, I’m plenty pissed off. Panera has a little bit of signal creep, so I access their signal from the parking lot. The question of ordering a cup of coffee is, mercifully, moot.

I connect. Life is glorious. Except … Panera filters out all Blogger content. I can’t open I can’t even get to the sign-in link at the top of my own blog screen.

So, I posted yesterday’s post when I got into the office today. And if anybody says I’m no longer on the NaBloPoMo wagon? I will share this here tale of my dedication to blogging.

And then? And then I’ll kick them in the skull.

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