Amen, indeed.

Today I celebrated Thanksgiving with Mr. Wonderful and his family. There was turkey and pie and inappropriate stories told around the dinner table. Who doesn’t love a tale of farting on a sibling’s cupcake, then getting knocked unconscious for it? Life is good.

I miss being away from my parents and brother today, but I know I’m where I’m supposed to be, and I’m happy.

As I sat at the table, waiting for grace to be said, I thought of the countless dinners my grandpa presided over and the blessing he always said. I’d forgotten about it until a few months ago. Now, I find it running through my mind at the most random times.

Heavenly Father
Thank you for this day
And for the privilege of being together.
Bless this food to the use of our bodies
And us to thy service.
In Jesus’ name,

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