Things that suck about Corporate Behemoth.

I really shouldn’t blog about the specifics of work. My blog is anonymous, but really, it’s just not good form to blog about work.

So, I really shouldn’t blog about the hour and a half I spent on the phone with IT yesterday.

And I shouldn’t mention the complete ineptitude of the IT guy, who couldn’t fix the issue with my monitor and instead told me to steal someone else’s monitor to replace mine.

Nor should I mention how I asked the IT guy a question, only to be met with silence on the other end of the phone. Silence, followed by heavy breathing. I mentally ruminated on the social ineptitude of all computer folk.

Finally, I asked, “Are you ok?”

IT guy: “WHAT?”

The IT guy fell asleep while we were on the phone.

Finally, our time was over. I nearly cried with frustration. And five minutes later, IT guy called me back.

I really shouldn’t blog about how the IT guy had the mouth-breathing IT guy in his cube, talking him through how to fix my problem. Mouth-breathing IT guy who always talks to my rack, not to my face.

And I shouldn’t expose Corporate Behemoth by blogging about how annoying IT guy attempted to morph into charming IT guy, talking about his dog, when he got off work, and how it was *just him and his dog.*

Dude. Just fix my fucking monitor.

Mr. Wonderful’s take on it was lovely in its simplicity.

“Next time this happens,” he said, “Tell him, ‘Oh, yeah? When I get off work, it’s just me and my boyfriend.'”

That made me laugh. But my women’s studies minor is enraged.

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