A few things I’ve figured out today.

1. Wearing those “I’ve always loved these shoes even though they sort of hurt and the toe isn’t super in-style right now” shoes can brighten your day, even if it’s the sort of day when you wear your glasses because your eyes are too puffy to cram your contacts in or, really, apply mascara.

2. You’ll pay the price for #1, though, when you wear those shoes all day, including a trip to the grocery. Your pinky toes will curse you and plot their revenge.

3. Watching brides pick out their gowns on Say Yes to the Dress probably isn’t the greatest idea on a Friday night when you make chocolate chip cookies, eat a good portion of the dough, and consider how your boyfriend of a year and a half is reassessing whether or not you’re a good match.

4. Growing your pixie haircut out goes in stages. One day, you will wake up to find that even though your boyfriend calls you ChaChabacca, you, miraculously, have something that resembles a hairstyle. This, despite the fact that just yesterday, you looked like a yeti.

5. It’s impossible to think “Yeah, maybe we aren’t a good match” about a boyfriend who calls you repeatedly during a bad storm to make sure you’re ok because you freaked the fuck out about a thunderstorm a few nights ago. This is especially true when said boyfriend tells you to call him if you get scared and means it.

And this, dear readers, is evidently what personal growth looks like.

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