Letters! We get letters!

Thank you for posing questions and providing me with some blog fodder while I am On A Break. Keep ‘em coming. They make me feel popular.

The lovely Mrs. G. chimed in, asking,

If you had $500 and no debt what you spend it on?

Really, I should spend it on a shrine to Mrs. G., who was the very first non-personal friend to ever comment on my blog. Whether she knows it or not, she has inspired me many a time to keep on writing, keep a sense of humor and give homeschoolers a break already (Mrs. G., I hope you didn’t see the homeschoolers portrayed on last week’s SNL – I thought of you and cringed.).

Anyway. If I had no debt and $500 …

I mulled this one over, and I realized, “Hey! I don’t have any debt, except for a mortgage, and everyone has a mortgage, so that doesn’t even count. And, I have $500. And, I’m sad! And, I should totally spend $500!”

While I don’t believe the original intent was a call to action, my tiny brain and overactive wallet took it as such.

So. What did Cha Cha do with those 500 glorious American dollars?

I wish I could tell you that I increased some charitable donations, or helped out the homeless man who told me he couldn’t get a job because he couldn’t afford a phone.

But I am not that kind of lovely right at this moment. No.

No, with $500:

  • I paid for some blood work and bought some Chinese herbs for the Geriatric Poodle. He seems to be doing well. And if you’re ever in need of a low-carb, low-sugar treat for your dog? Canned pumpkin, my friends. They lurve it and it’s great for mixing in meds and herbs. Just a tip. I didn’t actually spend $500 on canned pumpkin.
  • I bought two books recommended by my counselor. And a cookbook that was on sale but I had to buy it because a) it’s vegetarian cooking and all of my cooking expertise is Iowan and therefore involves lard and ground beef; b) it features full-color photos of each and every recipe. Because I am what I graciously like to call a “visual learner,” this picture book of food was just up my alley.
  • I scheduled a massage. Yeah, it’s my third one in six weeks. Shut up.
  • I bought a five-class yoga punch card. I attended the first of these classes last night. While I was afraid that my two-year yoga hiatus would render me That Woman who can barely lift a limb and falls down during class, I was instead greeted by my body screaming, “YESSSSS! Thank you!” I don’t know if the other class participants heard the Hallelujah chorus, but I sure did.
  • I bought some new face powder, two lotions and two shower gels. Because averting shine while also smelling purdy makes a girl feel good.
  • And finally … I had the main sewage line from my house to the city sewer snaked. Oh, yes I did. Because when the kitchen sink gurgles when you flush the toilet? I’m not an expert, but I can tell you that that’s not good.
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