Today I have been running errands and such. After two days of leaving my house only to walk Foxie Doxie, this has been a pretty good thing.

I went to Target and bought gifts for the family I’m adopting for Christmas. I bought a snowsuit and board books and the cutest little hat and a bunch of other great stuff. Not having little kids to shop for usually, it was fun to shop for toys and tiny clothes.

At Thanksgiving, my family decided that for Christmas, we’d each give one gift to each other, and then we’d adopt families and make donations to folks who really need a hand up. I can’t wait to see what we all do. The unveiling of good deeds is when we open gifts on Christmas day. I don’t want to write too terribly much about it, because talking about Saint Cha Cha isn’t the point. But I will say, giving makes me feel good. Better than chocolate. Better than wine and chocolate together.

I also did a little correspondence today. I wrote thank you notes to our vet and groomer, letting them know about the Geriatric Poodle’s passing, and thanking them for taking such good care of him.

It’s sort of like all the stuff you have to do when a human dies. You have to write thank yous. And you are humbled by the kindnesses shown to you. And if you’re lucky, you have your wits about you to pay it forward.

But Foxie Doxie?He is so over this gratitude shit. He wants to know where his belly rubbing is, woman.
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