No name post.

A weird thing happened Sunday night as I watched No Name Dog scamper around my house.

This warmth just washed over my body. I believe it’s called joy.

Seriously. I am so happy watching this tiny little dog. He runs full tilt. He gallops like some sort of exotic herd animal. And he skulks, like he’s getting away with something.

Also? He’s a klepto. He has stolen my gloves and the bedding out of Foxie Doxie’s kennel. At this point, I think it’s part of his charm. However, I’m the same woman who wants to celebrate because No Name Dog pooped outside today. Twice.

Yeah, I don’t get out much.

I am exhausted, as if a new dog is like a new job and sucks all of your energy. The house is a disaster area with dust bunnies that are almost larger than No Name Dog.

(Consider this an accurate representation of any No Name Dog / dust bunny confrontation.)

And yet? I don’t think I care. Foxie and No Name Dog are getting along well. We all went for a walk tonight and there were no fights, no tangled leashes, no almost getting hit by cars. A little vitamin E oil appears to be soothing No Name Dog’s bald ears. All is right with the world.

And I’m getting in touch with that weird emotion I haven’t known for a while. It’s all pretty great.

And speaking of pretty great … I am the grateful recipient of a sweet award! The lovely you gotta wonder over at A Mother’s Angst thinks I’m fabulous!

This sounds cheesy, but I am so thankful for every kind comment, every moment spent here. You all have helped me close in on this joy business, even when I thought I’d never feel normal, much less good, again.

I have admittedly been a crappy blogfriend as of late, so I’m going to hold off on passing this bling on. However, I wanted to say thanks and encourage you all to visit you gotta wonder. Her heart is big and she generously shares the gift of her spiritual journey.

Off to encourage No Name Dog to go potty outside. Because my life is glamorous like that.
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