I’m in love!

And now, the final stanza of BFF’s Valentine’s Day haiku:

Fun’ral home intern
Took you to prom in a hearse?
Relationship: Dead

For the 900th time, it wasn’t a hearse. It was a one of the limos they’d used to drive the family around in. Basically, a Cadillac with an extra set of doors. And really, who hasn’t dated a guy with an interesting vehicle? Alice had the hots for a guy in college who was 6’6″ and who drove a Ford Festiva.

But, yeah, you got the “relationship: dead” part right. Dead right. Damned straight.

In other news, guess what I did today?

Here’s a hint:
That’s right! I went to prison!

Foxie Doxie and I went to a prison to meet a little dog who is a member of the prison’s dog program. Inmates earn the right to live in a special unit where they care for and train dogs rescued from high-kill shelters.

Or, rather, Foxie Doxie and I went to meet a little dog who was a member of the prison dog program. This sweet little boy is currently curled up on my couch.
He is currently unnamed, but a real charmer for sure. He’s about 3 years old and a little too skinny at seven pounds, but we’ll work on that. He is following me everywhere and very interested in our collection of toys. And … he and Foxie actually played together for about 10 seconds. I have never, ever seen Foxie play with another dog, as he is very submissive and gets nervous.

However, within about 10 minutes of meeting No Name Dog, Foxie humped him, and appears to be feeling confident and secure in things. He even appears to forgive our new pack mate for barfing on the ride home – all over Foxie’s blankets. Bygones.

Did you see his feet? Look at my baby! Look at him!
So, consider yourself warned: probably a lot of new dog-related posts in the future. The cuteness – it burns!

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