I’m bringing sexy back.

I stayed home sick today. I woke up at 3 a.m., so congested that my teeth ached. I finally got up at 6, e-mailed that I wasn’t coming in, and tucked myself and the doxies back in bed. We watched a few minutes of The Golden Girls. Then, because I truly must be sick, I turned off The Golden Girls. Then, I slept until 12:15.
So, after an afternoon on the couch, I am sick of being sick. But I still feel crappy. And let me tell you, I look the part. And smell it, too. You know that point of being sick where you realize that your pajamas are a little ripe? Yeah.
I’m trying to decide if my hair most closely resembles a yeti, a wookie, the abominable snowman, or Phil Spector.

It’s a tough call. So, I’m going to go eat some pudding, take some NyQuil, and hope for better days.
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