Ask Cha Cha.

I’ve been faced with many questions lately.

Question: Why do you sound like a frog who smokes three packs a day?
Asked by: Everyone
Answer: My cold is back. And I am pissed.

Question: Should everyone get a second dog?
Asked by: You know who you are
Answer: Yes. Shelters and rescue groups are busier than ever with animals that have been handed over due to the recession. If you have an itch to maybe get another dog, I say go for it. Lil’ Frankfurter concurs.

Question: How did you get through your depression – that dark, awful, worst part – all by yourself?
Asked by: My dear, sweet friend who is in that same dark, deep hole right now
Answer: This question sort of surprised me – I hadn’t really thought about it. My gut reaction, and I think the most honest one? I just did. I just got through it.

A more thorough response is that I took time in very small increments. A half-an-hour meeting? Ok, I can get through that. And I had wonderful friends who helped carry me through, especially before the Zoloft kicked in. And really? I just hope I can return the favor.

Question: Why is there no ice cream in the house?
Asked by: Me
Answer: There is no good answer to this, the question of our time. It’s especially painful to note that there is also no chocolate in the house.

Question: Have you seen vh1’s One Hit Wonders of the 80s?
Asked by: My imaginary friend
Answer: Yes! And it’s wonderful! I had forgotten all about Frank Stallone. He has provided the theme song for the epic Cha Cha Versus The Cold From Hades fight: I am down, but I am far from over!

Question: So, uh, are you going to take some NyQuil?
Asked by: Lil’ Frank and Foxie Doxie, who are tired of my raspy voice and are exhausted from their nursing duties
Answer: Ok, if you say so.

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