Step away from the egg nog.

Today, I saw a big ol’ Crown Victoria with a wire dish rack in the back window. You know, the in-sink kind that you use to dry your dishes?

Yeah. Who does dishes in their car, even if it is a big ol’ boat like a Crown Vic?

And if you dry your dishes in the back window, aren’t you a) kind of screwed when the weather is below freezing; and b) ruining your upholstery and your speakers?

Or maybe I just hallucinated the whole thing. All of these holiday preparations are obviously impacting my brain. I dreamt last night that I was being wooed by Tim McGraw (The Blind Side is fantastic, by the way). Then, he morphed into Erik Estrada.

Yeah, I know.

But I’m probably not so insane that I can’t get myself to the post office. Remember to enter my great giveaway for your chance at fame, fortune, and presents.

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