Items of note.

So much bidness this week. Where to begin?

Are we not in love?
In response to my admission that I hate pickles and mustard more than anything in the universe, A Piece of News posted this: When I was a kid I would take a whole dill pickle, cover it in mustard and then sprinkle it with salt. Does this mean we have a deal-breaker? 😉

No, it’s not a deal-breaker. But I refuse to French you.

More lessons from the Tiger Woods scandal.
Betty Broderick was denied bail this week. You might remember her as played by Meredith Baxter-Birney in A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story. Yep. Betty went after her ex-husband and his new wife. With a gun. The lesson here? When it comes to revenge, be an Elin, not a Betty. Gun? Not so much. Golf club? Hell yeah.

An e-mail from my lovely mother.
I’d forgotten I hadn’t downloaded pictures from Christmas! Thought you needed to see:

The Stack The Elder Statesman
Love, Yo Momma


A true and honest offer-slash-desperate plea.
All of the comments about Jell-o salads made me want to, well, create and eat Jell-o salads. All of you fine readers who reminisced in the comments about orange sherbet and Jell-o salad? The raspberry Jell-o with the blueberry pie filling? The egg nog Jell-o treat? Iron Needles, Tracye, and CheckerMom – are you listening?

If you e-mail me a Jell-o recipe, I will trade you. I will send you the recipe for my all-time favorite dessert ever in the history of the universe. It involves not one but two – two! – kinds of pudding. And Cool Whip. And Jiffy cake mix.

A true and honest offer-slash-desperate plea, part deux.
Green Girl in Wisconsin had an excellent idea for beating the winter blahs.

I have two words for you: Spa Weekend. The only question is WHEN? Shall we meet in Iowa?

I hear Cedar Rapids is lovely this time of year.

I love, love, love that idea, Green Girl. But Iowa is getting ice storms, like, every other day.
Isn’t my parents’ yard lovely? Those branches? They used to be, like, attached to the trees.
And yes, my people e-mail each other photos of weather. That’s how we roll.

So, maybe we should consider alternatives. Because I can’t wait until winter is over to get me some hot spa action.

Maybe we should all get massages on the same day – an international blogger spa day! And then we could all blog about how relaxed and happy and Zen we are, and it would send all this positive energy into the universe, and then maybe I’d stop being so crabby about how the library lost my held materials AGAIN and how I have to go to Miami this week not to sit in the sun but to sit in a call center. Maybe the positive energy would make a difference in the world.

Who’s with me?

Images courtesy of My Momma and Amazon.

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