Decision 2010.

It’s election night and the results are pouring in. This is the perfect opportunity to have an intellectual conversation about the two-party system in America, what truly impacts voter turn-out, and the role of the media in our governmental system.

But that’s for somebody else’s blog.

Here? Here, I need your input on Decision 2010. And by Decision 2010, I mean figuring out my bridal registry.

Now, I had a few friends who were all, “Are you even going to register? Do you need stuff?”

The gracious Cha Cha responds to this with a friendly hug and an explanation that every bride wants to set up a beautiful household for her new husband.

The deranged spinster Cha Cha cackles and notes that she’s typically been spending all of her extra cash on cat food and housecoats, not on platters and other servingware, so yeah, she’s gonna register.

And bitter but popular Cha Cha? She recounts all of the bridal shower gifts, bachelorette gifts, wedding gifts, baby shower gifts, and baby gifts that she has lavished upon her friends. And she cackles with delight and thinks, “You owe me, bitches! And I’m registering for some nice shit, too!”

I’m a nice person. Really, I am.

But it’s time to register. And I’m at a bit of a loss.

We aren’t registering for china. And I know we’ll register for The Object of My Desire, aka a KitchenAid stand mixer. But other than that? Umm?

So, spill it. What kitchen or household item has been the most awesome item in your arsenal? What cookware do you recommend? And what did you think you couldn’t live without … only to find that, dude, you totally don’t need it at all?

I need a new turkey baster. But I think that I will probably need to register for more stuff besides a mixer and a turkey baster. Just sayin’.

Help a girl out. What do you love?

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