Fun with household appliances.

So, the other day, when I was all, “reading trashy books is so much more virtuous than watching trashy teevee?”

Yeah. Umm … I’ve been watching a lot of trashy teevee.

My Guy and I lived without TV for 6 months. It was a time of self discovery. It also coincided with the 6 months we lived without a dishwasher. Needless to say … the beginning of our marriage was rough. Really rough.

But we bought a dishwasher. And the day it was installed, My Guy texted me a photo of the shiny new appliance with the caption, “Marriage saved!”

And it was so.

And since we agreed we couldn’t possibly live without cable during football season, we got cable. So much has changed in the 6 months we didn’t have cable – I feel so behind the times! Did you know there’s an entire show about people who get, like, $500 worth of groceries for $5 because they spend 40 hours a week clipping coupons?

Not to be all mean about it, but … considering that those groceries include 89 bags of croutons, and it works out to “earning” $12.50 per hour of coupon clipping? I’m not so sure the extreme couponing is worth it.

I’ve also discovered That Metal Show. It’s 3 music geeks arguing over the merits of various heavy metal albums and interviewing hard rock musicians. The stories are great, and I can relate to wanting a forum to talk about random music trivia.

Side note: Did you know Toni Tennille from The Captain & Tennille performed on Pink Floyd’s The Wall?


I’m taking requests – what other shows should we add to our DVR? The trashier, the better. Obviously.

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