It can’t last forever, right?

I just downloaded photos of my camera for the first time since August.

Yes, that was 6 months ago.

I rediscovered some great stuff. Remember that time the labradoodles got into a bag of fiberfill, but I couldn’t bring myself to clean it up because a) they were so happy; and b) it made our basement look like heaven?
Ah. Good times.

But most of the photos are a series of before and during photos that document our current renovations.

This would be the master bath “before.”This is the bathroom where we found a half-eaten bowl of rice and beans in a drawer.
After the demo, our driveway looked like this.Sadly, I wasn’t able to salvage the shower or toilet for use as planters. I guess the landscape design will have to wait.

Sure, this looks scary. But it’s a sign of fresh tile.Bet your living room isn’t this spacious. Bet it doesn’t have a mattress in it, either.And I bet your dining room is a bit more spacious.
Think we need to touch up?
It’s overwhelming. But … at least the house still has all the original doorknobs.
So, I’m gonna focus on that.

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