Things that are awesome.

I woke up to the sound of cicadas. Because we have bad-ass bugs that are so noisy that they wake you up.

It’s 106 degrees.

The air conditioner in my car died. I guess my 9-year-old Honda is due for some freon, but the timing? C’mon.

I accidentally blasted Dio’s “Holy Diver” throughout Cubeland when I couldn’t get control of my phone. If anyone at Mega Corporate Behemoth actually spoke to me, I’m sure they’d give me grief about my love of metal.

Creepy Chuck has added not 1, but 2 “No Trespassing” signs to his yard. One of them even threatens to prosecute violators. I considered taking a picture, but the chances of our paranoid neighbor having cameras rigged around his house are high.

And that? Is all I’ve got.

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