Corrections and addendums.

I try to be as thorough and accurate as possible in my blogging. However, the fact checkers at Noodleroux World Headquarters do occasionally – much like the fact checkers of the RNC – make mistakes. Like not doing their jobs at all.

  • Remember when I was all, “My friend Brent broke his leg on the first day of kindergarten. I talked about it for weeks?”

    Yeah. About that?

    BFF cheerily corrected me. “Dude,” she said. “We’re still talking about it now. It shouldn’t be, ‘I talked about it for weeks.’ It should be, ‘We talked about it for decades!'”

    It’s true. I apologize for the inaccuracy. Keep in mind that BFF and I weren’t even in the same elementary school, and yet she, too, still talks about Brent breaking his leg on the first day of kindergarten. Because it was the first day of kindergarten! And then he got to wear a cast! Which was awesome!

  • I was remiss in posting an incomplete list of things that made me feel old while on vacation. Missing from that list? I plucked an inch-long hair from my jawline.

    Yeah. Just go ahead and let that sink in for a moment. An inch.

    It’s 1 of those things where you are mostly amazed and think, “OMG, I must show this to my husband! It’s incredible!” And then you remember that your husband is the person you try to trick into having relations with you, and so if he doesn’t like to acknowledge that you use the bathroom, perhaps he would also like to not know about the freakish hair that occasionally spouts up in unexpected places.

    But seriously. It was an inch long. So cool. And so gross.

  • You may have noticed that the sidebar of this here blog is looking a little different. That’s because I’m awesome. And, by “awesome,” I mean “inadvertently deleted my blogroll because I have spent the last several weeks putzing around my house instead of interacting with any sort of computer and therefore have obviously let any computer skillz I may have ever had atrophy horribly to the point that I will do dumb stuff like delete my blogroll.”


    So … if you’d like to be listed on the new and improved Blogroll 2.0: Now With Actual Blogs, leave the name and complete URL of your blog in the comments. Be a pal and list me on yours. And we’ll see if I can figure out this new-fangled Internet business without deleting, oh, 5 years of blog posts.

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