A spring in my step.

When my mom and I went Christmas shopping, we also spent an hour and a half at DSW.

I know what you’re thinking. You can’t buy shoes for other people for Christmas.

And you’re right. We didn’t. Between the two of us and our four size 6 ½ feet, we bought six pairs of shoes. For ourselves.

I would like to mention that most of the shoes were on sale. And, I had a coupon. And only two of those six pairs of shoes were mine. And, I put not two but three pairs of shoes in my Goodwill pile when I got home, so I’m actually down a pair of shoes.

I fell in love with a pair Franco Sartos. How could I not feel sassy and classy in subtle, coppery goodness that looks dynamite with a pair of jeans or dress pants? Indeed, I could not.

Until a full day of wearing them. My dogs were barking. And howling. And begging for the sweet release of death.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ll totally wear them again. I’m marking this one up to breaking them in. Work with me here.

I didn’t want to risk two bad new shoe days in a row, so I wore some favorite standbys yesterday. And today, I pulled out these new Skechers.

The heavens opened, the angels sang and I have found myself happy all day. I’ve been running from meeting to meeting at Corporate Behemoth, yet every time I’m walking down the hall, I think, “My feet are so happy! These shoes feel so good!”

The other day, Mr. Wonderful’s daughter was sitting on the kitchen counter, dangling her 4-year-old feet. She started kicking the air and proclaimed, “Look! My feet are having a party!”

That’s the way I feel today. A 4-year-old trapped in a corporate drone’s body.

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