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I have a new addiction.

Why We Write is a blog of daily stories from striking WGA writers. Go, writers! Their work deserves to be respected and fairly compensated. But this blog is more than that.

Each day, a different writer talks about exactly why they write. So many of them are funny – guys started saying they were writers so they’d get laid, or it was a way to avoid going to law school. But many of them hurt – people became writers to escape painful realities.

The common link between all of the stories, though, is that writers just have to write.

I check the blog daily. It’s inspiring. And it also makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with me.

I fall into the “I have to write” category. I have countless notebooks full of journal entries and bad, bad poetry to prove it. And yet?

And yet, lately I haven’t been writing. The blogging – which I love because it makes my writing pretty and visible and organized and real – has, admittedly, been sparse.

I try to act like it’s no big deal. But it is.

I’m snappish. Little things are bothering me big time. I feel off kilter … although I’m not exactly sure what it means to be on kilter. What is a kilter?

Corporate Behemoth just had a brutal round of layoffs. I am still employed, but I now have much more work to do. Much more writing to do. And I’m somewhat paralyzed by it all.

While there’s a huge difference between writing for Corporate Behemoth and writing for Cha Cha, it’s the simple act of producing something that gets my mental ball rolling.

So, I’m back on the blogging horse. Blogging as occupational therapy. Because sometimes, Why I Write is so that I can buy groceries.

And also, so that my head won’t explode.

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