Risin’ up!

Monday morning, when I had to scrape myself out of bed with a mental spatula, I realized that this very, very busy time at Corporate Behemoth needed a theme song. And that song was, of course, Eye of the Tiger.

I just have to power through. I have a gazillion things to do in a very brief time frame. Must stay focused. Must kick corporate ass. Eye of the Tiger, babee. Eye of the Tiger.

All week has been very Eye of the Tiger. And I’m discovering new depths of exhaustion. Because when you’re all Eye of the Tiger, all day, every day? It’s hard to shift to an 80s power ballad theme song of lesser energy and anxiety, like an Open Arms or even a Sister Christian. And when you’re all Eye of the Tiger? You’re like Chuck Norris. You don’t sleep. You wait.

This week has reminded me of what it’s like being a workaholic. There’s adrenaline and you feel all self righteous … except with working, there’s no reason to feel self righteous. It’s all an illusion.

Lil’ Frankfurter is asleep, stretched out across my lap. And Foxie Doxie is curled up nearby. I’m going to be all crazylike and follow their example. I’m going to go to bed. At 10 p.m. Like normal people do.

Wish me luck.

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