Work it! Own it!

Tonight, I did a little bit of last-minute Christmas shopping. This took about six minutes and 27 seconds.

And then, I spent an hour and a half trying on clothes. Thanks to a darling boy named Michael, I tried on approximately 30 pairs of pants. And he was the type of retail associate who practically has a spasm when you walk out looking hot, which, honestly, made my day.

I don’t particularly like shopping for clothes by myself. I don’t trust my judgment. And at this point, I have two serious needs. One, I need some ego stroking. Two, I need some pants. Pants that don’t fall off my anti-J-Lo, nonexistent ass.

I’ve lost some weight.

Anyway. So, Michael hooked me up, and I now have three whole pairs of pants that fit. Actually, they don’t just fit. They make me look gooooooood. Real good. Hot-blooded-check-it-and-see good.

There’s nothing like a doting gay guy to make you feel attractive. Evidently, I have a darling figure. I just have to own it.

I also need to own a very kind award given to me by the lovely and amazing Marsha at Tumble Fish Studio.

Marsha named me a Kreativ Blogger. Now, Marsha is an incredible collage artist and is truly talented. She named four other artists the winners of the Kreativ Blogger award … and me.

Check out what sweet Marsha had to say about Noodleroux:

Though Cha Cha doesn’t share art projects on her blog, she shares the project of life, her life in detail and with pure brave honesty. She shares this with the rest of us and she deals with it in the most charming creative and inspiring ways. I am forever a fan of Cha Cha’s.

It has taken me several days to post about this, mostly because I am so humbled and touched and feel so not worthy of such kind words.

But, I’m coming to realize that just like those really hip jeans – the ones that are so in-style that I’d never imagine they would look good on me, even when in reality I rock the tiny SIZE FOUR pair that’s ON SALE – well, I just have to own it.

So, thank you. Thanks for the kudos, thanks for reading, and thanks for helping me realize my street cred.

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