The week in review.

Most awesome comment from a coworker: “I wish it was still deer season. I need to shoot something.”

Favorite Billy Mays-promoted product: Hercules Hooks. For real. My friend CB helped me hang an old-school pull-down map with just three of these suckers, no drill and no hammer. It’s been 48 hours and the map is still on the wall. If that’s not success, then what is?

Very best answered prayer: My uncle was diagnosed with necrotizing faciitis this week. Yeah, that’s the street name for flesh-eating bacteria. Thankfully, he turned a corner, is off the vent and should be ok. He’s looking at several skin grafts and three to four weeks in the hospital, but we can deal with that. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Best new word that I must incorporate into my vocabulary: Redog. As in, “I miss having a dog. I’m sure I’ll redog at some point.”

Most exciting reasons why I’ve whitened my teeth, exfoliated my face and done laundry tonight: I am nervous. And out of practice. And I have a blind date tomorrow.

Like, OMG! I know!

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