High art.

The date? Went well. We met at an art museum.

And at the art museum? We saw Tommy Chong.

As you do. We were looking at a photography exhibit and I caught a glimpse of a dude with really nice silver hair looking at the photograph next to us. Something in my brain went, “OMG! Famous person!” I alerted my date via oh-so-subtle whisper, and he moved to oh-so-subtly attempt a positive ID. The results? Inconclusive.

But later, we were walking along a corridor, discussing the pros and cons of an actual Tommy Chong sighting when the dude walked towards us and made that “Yeah, I’m famous. Give me a break” eye contact. It was most definitely Tommy Chong.

So, after that, we went out for Thai food. Because stalking Tommy Chong makes you hungry.

The date was fun. It felt natural to be hanging out with a new person, trying each other on for size.

But then I came home and immediately felt the need to put on my fleece pajamas and sit on the couch and drink tea. Because pretending to be normal for several hours is exhausting. But I loved Dallas Diva’s comment to think about dating as practice – practice until you find the right guy.

Immediately after reading that, I discovered that My Sometimes Boyfriend Dave Grohl had not one but two concerts on TV tonight. Was my date just practice for sitting on my couch, watching Dave Grohl?

I’m going to guess probably not. But it was a nice one-two punch.

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