Two things:

1. I went to lunch today with some awesome coworker / friends who were kind enough to take me out for a belated birthday lunch. While we were waiting to be seated, I heard my name, and so looked around like a spaced-out dork. Who would be calling my name but … Ex-Ex.

He was sitting so close to where I was standing that it was impossible for me not to say hello. His hair is growing out, and he looks like a Q-Tip – not so much Bull from Night Court anymore.

“So,” Ex-Ex asked. “Playing hookie again?”


“Well, yes, if by ‘playing hookie,’ you mean ‘going out for lunch to celebrate my birthday.'”

He was startled. My birthday is obviously not on his radar anymore. Good.

After a little more small talk, I joined my friends for tasty vittles. But tonight? Tonight I had this waiting in my inbox:

Cha Cha,

I am so, so sorry I totally spaced on your birthday. I hope it was a good one. Let me buy you a drink or six soon.

Happy 29th!



Dude. You totally phoned it in on every birthday I had in the seven years we were together. I would have to give myself pep talks in the bathroom mirror when I realized that the too-small, white, unlined sundress or the planter filled with stuff you grabbed on the way home was the full extent of my birthday gift – no engagement ring in sight. The last year we were together, we went to Chipotle for my birthday.

Chipotle. Seriously?

So, if you’re feeling like you need to make up for all the birthdays you “missed?” The count’s at 12. And by the way? I’m not 29. I’m 34. Because unlike some people? I am perfectly happy with who I am and where I am. Seriously.

2. Your friend and mine, drawer queen, sadly does not have any photographic evidence of the ensemble that inspired this dramatic haiku:
Envious laughter?
Purple zip front shorts jump suit
I made it myself

Seriously, that’s a shame. A damned shame. But in her kind e-mail, drawer queen spoke of magical things – discount shopping with the goal of assembling the ugliest outfit for fame and free lunch! Fun times should I ever be in her fair city …

Her fair city, which happens to be … my fair city.

We live within walking distance of each other.


Holy shit!

And so, we shall plan the date I am most looking forward to in all of my many, many dates: The Blog Date! And I’m pretty sure drawer queen isn’t hoping I’ll put out, so that’s a relief.

Seriously? The world is a fucking tiny place. I am so delighted.

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