Back home again.

I have escaped Corporate Behemoth! I’m in Iowa, hanging with my parents. Tomorrow, my dad and I will head to the Hoosier State, where we will revel in The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.

I drove here with the windows down. I love the way spring smells. This time of year, Iowa smells like honeysuckle. Of course, there are parts of the Hawkeye State that also smell like money. And, umm, here? Money smells sort of … uh … earthy.

But I like the smell of honeysuckle. And I like the smell of green.

I like how my longer hair whips around in the windy car. And I like my new, oversized sunglasses that make me feel fabulous.

I like hanging with my folks. And I like how Shih Tzu Magic looked at me with disdain, then perused my empty car. He peed on a bush, then licked my leg, thanking me for leaving Foxie Doxie and Lil’ Frankfurter at home. They are currently hanging with Puppy Love Lisa, the dog sitter and their Favorite Human Ever. Everyone is happy.

I like that it’s spring, and I can feel summer coming on. I also like how I can feel Corporate Behemoth fading away, even if it’s just for four days.

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