All things Hazel.

Andi at A Thousand Miles From The Place I Was Born recently posted this clip, and I just have to steal it. Everyone in the entire universe should see it and witness the magic that is 88-year-old Hazel.

Seriously. Watch this.

I totally want to be like Hazel when I grow up.

I had a great-aunt Hazel. My sweet grandma was her sister, and they married brothers. That was fun, because all the same people came to family reunions, no matter which side of the family it was.

I also remember being very impressed that Aunt Hazel ate corn on the cob by cutting the corn off the cob and then eating it with a fork. I guess her teeth couldn’t handle it, but I thought it was just very ladylike.

Aunt Hazel and Uncle Bart were married for approximately 752 years. I’m not even kidding. And they died a few days apart and had a joint funeral. They had been holding on for each other, and there was no reason for one to hang around without the other. That is love, partnership and dedication.*

So, yeah, I want to be like Aunt Hazel when I grow up, too.

*Don’t get me wrong – their fights were legendary. But it all comes out in the wash.

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