We don’t need another hero.

When Lil’ Frankfurter visits my parents, he tends to get all bloody. The stairs and wall-to-wall carpet in their split-level really do a number on my little man’s delicate paws.

You might recall Lil’ Frank’s Flashdance moment. Lil’ Frank + My Mom + Gauze = Awesome!
So, over Christmas, we were determined to protect the dude’s sensitive soles. We tried baby socks, but they just fell off. We tried doggie booties, but they just made Lil’ Frank fwap around like a duck.
Which, let’s be honest, was hilarious.

So, if we couldn’t protect the pup’s paws from the carpet, we needed to find a way to keep the kid from the carpet. Lil’ Frank generally does not approve of any Doxie Containment System. Check out how he handled the $60 travel crate in which I had the gall to contain him for a whole hour and a half during Christmas Eve mass.
I know. I know!

Finally, we got the brilliant idea to get the baby gate out. Lil’ Frank + Baby Gate + Back Hallway + Tennis Balls = Doxie Thunderdome!
Seriously. The kid went nuts.

It was like a giant doxie playpen, except that he required – nay, demanded – constant supervision. He loved being in the thunderdome as long as someone was there at all times to throw one of his tennis balls.
We didn’t keep him in there a lot, just enough to get him tired out away from the carpet. I must admit, though, that I kept hearing Tina Turner in my head, and considered that perhaps I should be wearing a get-up like this to throw tennis balls.
Yeah, I’d rock that look.

Tina courtesy of Google Images.
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