Do you take this spinster?

I went to Iowa this weekend for a wedding. The groom was a friend of my family, and a childhood friend of Poochie. Poochie was a super-handsome groomsman.

Now, it was a lovely wedding. The pastor acknowledged that the bride and groom are as different as night and day. The ceremony was filled with laughter and the whole deal was very ebullient.

I have two qualms.

One: the second song at the reception – the bride / daddy dance? Was the live band singing The Eagles’ “Desperado.” Umm … is it just me, or is that song about isolating yourself and shutting out love? Now, is that appropriate for a wedding? Methinks perhaps not.

Two: the younger brother of the groom, who has been married for about three years, came up to me and said exactly one sentence: “You used to babysit me!” Then he walked away.

Just a hint, kids: this is not the thing to say to a woman who is already feeling like a spinster at a wedding with her parents, a woman who has just had the emotional turmoil of having the man who crushed her heart and her will to live announce that he was still in love with her. This is not the most effective way to tell her that you’re glad she’s come to celebrate with your family.

And yes, the only person who danced with me was my sweet daddy. And yes, my parents had me drive them home.

But the cupcakes were good. And the hot pink frosting dyed my tongue, which I really enjoyed.

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