I attended a little blogger meet-up.

Ever feel like you just did not put your best foot forward, and anybody who came in contact with you was worse for it?

Yeah, that would be tonight.

I did not physically assault any of the fabulous bloggers in attendance. I didn’t even verbally accost them. I was just … off. This was a great opportunity to meet other bloggers! And talk about blogging! And the future of social media! And the importance of community and telling our stories!

And I just sort of sat there.


Yes, please read my blog. It’s almost as exciting as my real-life, three-dimensional persona. You know, the one who just sits there? Scintillating.

So, I’ve been trying to put my finger on why, exactly, I felt out of sorts.

I have cramps and pretty much want to sever my body at the waist.

I arrived at said blogger gathering immediately after crying to my therapist about how scared I am about the possibility of being laid off.

My cute new shoes hurt the top of my left foot.

At lunch, I ran my hand through my Chipotle bowl and so have guacamole caked into my ring, which is undoubtedly attracting bugs, maggots, and drunken Cinco de Mayo revelers.

Allergies are partially to blame for my recent rash of headaches, and drinking even than one beer tonight impacted the delicate balance of pressure in my sinus cavity and possibly cut off the circulation to my brain.


So, at least I have solid reasons for being slightly less engaging than usual. So maybe I was mute. But at least I was wearing cute shoes.

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