It gets better.

Day 2 at Mega Corporate Behemoth and I still don’t have a badge. And yesterday’s security guard didn’t leave a note for today’s security guard, so today’s security guard had to start all over again getting me a temporary tag so that I could be escorted around the building today.

Like a dog.

And the badge people had no record of a request for my badge. So I can look forward to a few more mornings of waiting in the lobby for my manager to come fetch me. Because I cannot be left unattended. Or I might steal some office supplies.

Except there are no office supplies.

I was told, “Yeah, good luck finding any office supplies. Just go ahead and plan on making a trip to OfficeMax.”

So, yeah. But today was actually better than yesterday. I have a computer. I wiped down my cube with antibacterial wipes. And I managed to smile and make conversation with one of my new cube mates when she told me she’d switched from Chipotle burritos to bowls. “With the bowls, I can get 3 meals out of it instead of just 2 with the burritos!”

Umm … I can down a Chipotle bowl in 5 minutes – 3 if I’m super hungry or hormonal.

I smiled and talked about the fat content of their tortillas. Then I ran back to my desk and texted My Guy. His response gave me faith in my sanity, my marriage, and the world in general.

“She’s bad at life.”

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